Artsakhbank offers safekeeping services to store your valuables safe and confidential 24/7 with the Bank’s personal safe deposit boxes.

It’s not allowed to use safe boxes for keeping drugs, arms and ammunition, explosives, including exploding devices, radioactive substances, toxic chemicals and food.

• Safe deposit boxes are kept in a specially constructed and equipped with security requirements fireproof vault area with high level of protection and modern equipment.
• Each deposit box has a double-key lock. Safe box can be opened and closed solely by the responsible officer of the Bank and the Lessee or his/her authorized person.
• During the term of the Agreement, the valuables possessed in the safe box can be added and reduced by the Lessee upon submitting the required documents, which is taken place in the presence of the Lessee only.

On the day of signing the Agreement, the Lessee is charged by the Bank, cash or non-cash, for service provision.

Terms and Conditions of Personal Safe Deposit Boxes
Rent Term 500*300*85 (Small) AMD, (VAT inclusive) 500*300*170 (Medium) AMD, (VAT inclusive) 500*600*170 (Large) AMD, (VAT inclusive)
Up to 7 days (incl.) 2,000 4,000 8,000
8-14 days 4,000 6,000 10,000
15-30 days 6,000 9,000 15,000
31-90 days 8,000 18,000 25,000
91-180 days 15,000 25,000 30,000
181-270 days 20,000 28,000 35,000
271-365 days 25,000 33,000 45,000
366-730 days 40,000 50,000 60,000

Safekeeping in the Bank Vault 

Rent Term Tariff* (VAT inclusive)
1 to 3 months 10,000
3 to 6 months 15,000
6 to 9 months 20,000
9 months to 1 year 25,000
over 1 year 30,000
*Tariff is applicable as fee for collateral keeping in case if the Customer doesn’t take back the pledge within a month after final repayment of gold pledge loan. The calculation of tariff starts from the date of loan repayment.


For storing valuables in a safe deposit box, the Lessee shall pay a guaranty fee of AMD 10 000. The amount will be refunded to the Lessee upon return of the safe box key in good condition after the Agreement expires.

To change the key upon the Customer demand or in case if the key has been damaged, the Bank provides a new key to the Lessee for which the latter is charged AMD 15,000.  

In case if the Lessee doesn’t return the key after the Agreement expire, the Bank charges AMD 500 for each overdue day within the term defined by the Bank’s internal legal acts. If the valuables stored in the safe box are not taken back by the Lessee upon the Agreement expire, the Bank shall charge starting from the next day up to the 60th day according to the tariffs defined by the Bank on daily basis.

The Lessee may prolong the Agreement term while continuing lease of the safe box. In this case, according to the Agreement, the Bank shall charge for safekeeping services during the prolonged period as of tariffs defined by the Bank for the current safe box.

To prolong the Agreement term, an additional Agreement is signed with the Lessee. Moreover, it is allowed to prolong the Agreement by signing additional agreement 3 times maximum.

The Bank guarantees confidentiality and security of your valuables stored in the safe box and transactions. Isolated vault rooms will ensure confidentiality of getting use of your personal safe deposit box. Nevertheless, the Bank is not responsible for loss or damage of the valuables stored in the safe deposit boxes, if they are not caused by the Bank employees fault.

1. In case of absence of the Lessee after the Agreement prolongation, the Bank shall charge penalty for each overdue day in the amount defined by the Agreement.
2. In case of loss of the deposit box key the Lessee should immediately inform the Bank in a written form as a service provider.
3. If the Lessee does not return the key or returns it damaged, then the guarantee fee for the key shall not be refunded to the Lessee.
For safe deposit box services you can apply to:  
  • Stepanakert Central Branch of Artsakhbank CJSC
  • 25, Knunyantsneri Str., Stepanakert 375000
  • Phone: +374 47 944856
  • [email protected]
  • Nairi Branch of Artsakhbank CJSC
  • 10/1, Sayat Nova Ave., Yerevan
  • Phone: +374 12 317001, 317002
  • [email protected]
Required Documents
  • Application form (set by the Bank)
  • Identification document of the Lessee
  • Social Service Number or certificate on its absence