General Terms of Intrabank Transfers
  • Transfers are carried out in Armenian drams and foreign currencies in accordance with below mentioned terms and tariffs.
  • Maximum amount of a single intrabank money transfer is AMD 10 mln.
  • Commissions are charged in AMD, based on the CBA’s average exchange rate defined for AMD on the due day of the transaction. In case of lack or insufficient amount in the Customer’s AMD account, the commission for the transaction shall be charged by the Bank from the Customer’s foreign currency account by converting the foreign currency into AMD on the currency exchange market’s average exchange rate on the due day of the transaction. Commissions are charged from the Sender.
  • Remittances are performed and paid in the currency specified for the transfer or in other currency by converting the amount in accordance with the Bank’s current exchange rate.
  • For transfer, the Sender must provide the Bank:

        - Identity document (list of identity documents is defined by the RA Government Decision N 767 of Dec.22, 1999)

        - The amount to be transferred and commissions

        - The Beneficiary’s name, surname, patronymic name (if mentioned in the Passport), passport number and series.

  • To get the transfer, the Beneficiary must provide the Bank with the following required data:

        - Identity document

        - Transfer verification code

        - The Sender’s name, surname

        - The transfer amount and currency.


  • The Bank provides the Customer with the corresponding receipt for the transfer conducted.
  • Changes in the transfer requisites/amendments are made upon the Sender’s application and provision of ID at the servicing point where the money transfer transaction has been carried out.
  • The Bank is not responsible for direct and indirect charges and losses of any party of the transfer, if such has been arisen as a result of Bank’s actions under money laundering and terrorism preventing measures, as well as in compliance with other requirements of the RA legislation.
  • The Bank is not responsible for the Customer’s orders delay, mistakes and losses as a result of the mistakes, if they have been arisen in the following cases:

        - Customer’s wrong or not clears orders

        - Telecommunications malfunction

        - Restrictions to the Customer set by a third authorized party

        - Force majeure (natural disasters, pandemics, earthquakes, strikes, blockades, declarations of states of war and emergency, acts of state agencies, etc.)։

Tariffs for Transfers Served in Artsakhbank Branches
Type of services  Commissions
Transfers within Artsakhbank accounts AMD 0
Account-free intrabank transfers of individuals1  AMD 0
Transfer cancellation or changes in the data provided for transfer on Customer’s Claim2
For Individuals AMD 1 000
For Private Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities AMD 5 000
Requests on Executed Transfer on Customer’s Claim2
For Transfers in AMD AMD 3 000
For Transfers in RUB AMD 10 000
For Transfers in other foreign currency AMD 30 000

1 Maximum transfer account is AMD 10 mln or equivalent foreign currency.

2 This service is provided on the principle of "if possible", and in case of a negative result, the Bank is not responsible for non-execution of the transfer by third parties.


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  • Identity document (list of identity documents is defined by the RA Government Decision N 767 of Dec.22, 1999)

    Identity documents are as follows:

    For residents of the Republic of Armenia

    • Passport,
    • Identity card,
    • Military book (for citizens currently on military service)
    • Temporary ID provided by the RA Police.

    For refugees

    • Refugee certificate
    • Refugee travel document

    For foreign nationals and non-RA citizens

    • Foreign state passport, internationally acknowledged identity documents
    • Special passport of the Republic of Armenia
    • Residence permit

    In case of transfers on behalf of children under the age of 14, the amounts are paid exclusively to their legal representatives (parents, custodians, authorized person of the trustees’ body). Moreover, the transfers are paid solely upon provision of the actual receivers’ passports and the authority proving documents.

    In case of transfers to persons of the age of 14 to the juveniles, the amounts are paid solely upon provision of the passport or an identity document (military book, temporary ID provided by the RA Police).